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    Antari, you got your wish
    The other night the anime girl, called sophie stayed over again, she slept in my bro's bed alone and started to have a nightmare, so I woke her up, and she couldn't sleep so she lay down in front of me and started to watch soul eater with me, she fell asleep, the ep ended I went downstairs to get a cup of tea thinking I could leave her... came back upstairs only to find she was sleeping on my quilt with my bro's quilt around her, so I lye down next to her, then she (while sleeping started to hold onto me and cuddle up to me, I fell asleep happy, only to wake up...

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  • 20100211
    Thursday - Febuary 11th 2010

    So today my alarm went off at 09:00. Since I didn't start until 11:05, I thought I'd get a bit more sleep. My dog didn't have the same idea.
    My dog continued to bark for 50 minutes, until my mum got home. I don't know why he was barking, but it was rather annoying.

    Anyway, I got on the bus around 10:05. It takes about half an hour to get to school, so I got there with plenty of time to spare. My friend Gust was also on the bus, so I went to school with him.

    When we arrived, I had Maths. We all went into the...

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  • 20100210
    Last night I was feeling rather sleepy, and was slowly nodding off. I decided that, rather than writing my blog for the day, I would get to sleep straight away, 'cause I'm usually not that sleepy and suffer from Insomnia.

    So because of this, I'll write what I did in the previous two days, rather than just today.

    Tuseday - Febuary 9th 2010

    I woke up this morning rather suddenly. I usually wake up when the alarm on my phone goes off. The phone is on the other side of the room, so I have to get up to stop the noise, but in doing so I don't feel tired...

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  • 20100208
    Monday - Febuary 8th 2010

    Today I went to bed at 04:30 AM. I lay in bed for several hours, trying to get to sleep, with no luck. Around 6AM I remembered that I would need to take my calculator to my Chemistry exam, and decided that I would remember it in the morning.

    Turns out - I did remember. As my car pulled out of my driveway, with me in the passenger seat, I remembered that I needed to bring my calculator. I was running late as it is, so I didn't mention it and went to school.

    When I arrived, everyone I knew was there with their heads in their...

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  • 20100207
    Nothing happened in my life yesterday, so I'm going to talk about today. Today, I woke up at 8:30 in the morning. I attempted to go back to sleep but this attempt was futile. Lil' Jack was still asleep, and because of the fact I was still sleepy I didn't bother him. Nobody in my house was awake at this time, but I didn't really care, I was still in shock an awe about the fact I was up this early. With nothing to do I began playing Fable on my laptop. I had already beaten the game, but because of my boredom I didn't care and started a new game. In this game, I wanted to be bad.

    So I started...

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  • 20100207
    Sunday - Febuary 7th 2010

    Today I woke up around 14:00 and started studying for my Chemistry test tomorrow.

    After a while, I decided to try out Hetalia, the anime. I saw the first two episodes (I was surprised to find that they're only 5 minutes long!) and then went to dinner, which was left over chinese food from yesterday.

    After being shouted at by my mother because I don't believe in psychic abilities and their ability to help the police, I went upstairs and played Sims 3 on my sister's laptop (My computer has no disc-drive) while she played...

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  • 20100206
    This is my other blog where instead of talking about what I did today, I talk about things that have happened in the past.

    This wont be daily, but more when I think about the good old times Smile

    All of these stories are completely true.

    "The Night We Kidnapped Oliver"

    Around September 2008

    I was at camp my the rest of my school year for about a week. The place we were staying at was really, really cheap. There were, I'm...

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  • 20100206
    February 6, 2010

    Well, today was a super -Wert- day >_> First I woke up early today and went to my baseball practice which was actually enjoyable. After that I went and ate lunch at Whataburger. (Probably don't know what that is if you don't live in Texas) I went home after that and play some Modern Warfare 2 and kicked someass Wink but then my mom comes home and yells at me takes my xbox and laptop away D: Then she called me a stupid -Wert- and said she was gonna beat my ass cause...

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  • 20100206
    Well I woke up to my cat Itsy (she's so kawaii yet so -Wert- annoying...) so she stands on my face and meows and Im like cat get off... so I move her and find my brothers playing halo 3, and he invites me to play so I say no thanks I cant concentrate with this dam tooth ache... he then offers me dairy milk biscuit chocolate I say yes (WTF WAS I THINKING) then he gives me half of an 12 block white chocolate bar (I accept again still undresssed and wrapped in my quilt, go downstairs, help my bro clean the kitchen and living room then eat noodles and pizza (MEGA YUM!) waited for my mum...

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  • 20100206
    Hello everyone! This is going to be my new daily blog. I named it "Breaking ISH" because I like the video blog "Breaking NYC" and since I don't live in New York City, I decided to name it after my school - the ISH.

    ANYWAY, I'm going to quickly say what happened during my week and then explain everything I did today. Are you ready?

    Sunday - January 31st 2010

    Today marked the 1 year anniversary of when I first joined the Banjo-Kazooie forums. I made a little post about it and decided to use this event to advertise CrystalClear....

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  • 20100205
    Well, I'm gonna get started on my first LP ever soon. Also, I might get a Wacom Bamboo Craft. Me and my friends came together and gave some ideas for an animated video or series animated in flash. We each wanted to physically draw our own characters (giving the animation a distintive style and and it'll make things easier since the animation is completely hand drawn frame by frame using onion skin and the animation won't get lazy as it progresses). So now I'm just sitting at home, watching TV and on the internet. A lot has happened since yesterday.

    Sorry that wasn't much, but it was...

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  • 20100205
    (P.S. This is a purely fictional blog, following the stories of two fictional people: Ray And Jack. My life is way to boring so I'll make one up, although some events are based off of my life. POV is Ray's POV. Yes this is original, no you cannot "borrow" it, unless you have my permission. XD)

    There are a few things you have to understand. One: Jack, isn't my real little brother, he's my little step brother, and two: I live in Ireland, so you could possibly find me unless you lived in Worcestershireville, Ireland. No I don't really live there, nor is it a real place. See I...

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  • 20100205
    So I go to school today and I get the first 2 periods (50mins each) to prepare a speech as such that describes and explains about my game and RPG maker vx (yes its the tool Lil laurence is using to create BKRPG) any way Im nervous as hell.... cos I have to sit in front of a moderator and talk for 5 straight minutes... (hell If not for the fact Im not that kind of guy I would have -Wert- myself there and then)
    anyway the moderator was nice, helped me out quite a bit by asking questions.

    3rd period, I went to our school library where our head of year was sat there alone (god knows...

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  • 20100204
    Today I was ill from school, due to my throat hurting a lot and my voice being very low.

    Yesterday I suggested the idea for having blogs on the forum, as I saw an option on the Admin Panel. I suggested it and some members said they would be interested in trying it out. After reading the fine print on the Admin Panel, I concluded that allowing blogs would change the entire format of CrystalClear. Since i didn't want this, I proposed I make another forum to run along side this one, in Blog form.

    I spent today creating a new email address (A Gmail one) and a whole new forum....

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