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Breaking ISH

Thursday - Febuary 11th 2010

So today my alarm went off at 09:00. Since I didn't start until 11:05, I thought I'd get a bit more sleep. My dog didn't have the same idea.
My dog continued to bark for 50 minutes, until my mum got home. I don't know why he was barking, but it was rather annoying.

Anyway, I got on the bus around 10:05. It takes about half an hour to get to school, so I got there with plenty of time to spare. My friend Gust was also on the bus, so I went to school with him.

When we arrived, I had Maths. We all went into the room and were handed the test.
I did surprisingly well on the Maths exam. Not so well in the later questions, but I'm confident I got the majority of the early questions right. Only problem was that I didn't have a ruler, so all my graph lines were curvy.

After Maths, we had an hour to get to the Art museum, which was where we had the test. We had to get there by ourselves by means of bus or tram, and I knew it would take about 35 minutes. I still needed to return my over-due library book, so I convinced my friend John to get some lunch while I returned it, so we could take the bus together.

At the library, I returned the book, payed the late fee (1 euro and 80 cents), and decided to get another book. I looked around and decided to get "Artemis Fowl". There were multiple books with the same name, so I got the golden one with the laest pages and character discription on the back, because I thought it would be the first in the series.

So after that, John and I go on our way to the bus. We ran into Lukas on the way, and he joined us. When we left the school door, we met up with Gust, who also joined us. On our way past the tennis court we found Abdula, who ALSO joinded us.
We went on our merry way and discussed the possibility of the bus taking a wrong turn, forcing us to embark on an adventure to Treasure Island. Gust would die mid-way through, but we'd get gold Smile
When we made it to the bus stop, we saw the 26 bus (The "Short-Cut Bus") come up, and several people got out. Just like that, Sebastian, Johan, Martin and Ali joined our group.

When we were on the bus, Sebastian got his nuts out and we all took a mouthful. Tastiest peanuts ever!

Just before we got to the museum (Right after we got off the bus) we saw a tram pull up. Practically all my other friends come out and join us. We're now a group of about 50 people.

Edventually, we made it to the museum. It was pretty boring and my feet got tired very quickly. At one point we had to write a bit about a specific person's art work. I chose "Steven Aaduln", because his work was closest.
I sat there, practically alone, writing for a while until a woman walked up to me and started talking in Dutch to me.

*Something in Dutch*

Uhh... I only speak English.

Woman: Oh, sorry. I just wanted to know - do you like the art?

Now, the art was literally just coloured rectangles. But I tried being polite...

Me: Yeah. It's simple, but I like it.

Woman: That's nice! The artist is actually my brother!

At this point, she walks to another part of the room and I continue working. My friend Martin and this girl Mayles walk in, and Martin starts talking rather loudly.

Martin: Oh wow, rectangles! I could make something better in 4 seconds - with my other hand!

Me: (Very quitely) Martin, a few feet behind you is the sister of the artist. Try not to be rude, 'kay?

Martin: Oh, okay. WOW! Look at this painting! I LOVE it!

So that was rather.... Weird.

Anyway, I went home and watched more Penn & Teller, then had dinner, then watched more Penn & Teller, then I watched "Mock The Week" and I'm about to read Artemis Fowl.

Oh, I also made a PhotoBucket account for CrystalClear today. You're welcome Smile

Tune in tomorrow for my finaltest - Dutch!


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