Format Any External USB HDD for Xbox 360

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Format Any External USB HDD for Xbox 360 Empty Format Any External USB HDD for Xbox 360

Post by knife in a box on Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:41 pm

This tutorial will explain how to format a External HDD drive into the
HFS+ Format and enable it to be used on the XBOX 360 for viewing HD
WMV, DivX, XviD, Mp3's and other supported content of any size. No
longer is there a 4GB file size limit like FAT32.

Required Software:
- MacDrive 7.0 (trial does not work)

For this tutorial i am going to format my "SEAGATE Freeagent Desktop" 500gb USB External HDD from NTFS to HFS+.

Let's Get Started
1. Download Macdrive 7.0.
2. Install Macdrive onto your PC.
3. Restart Your PC.
4. Start "Macdrive" by clicking the icon from the start menu or desktop.
5. Click on format and repair mac disk.
6. Tick modify Mac volumes than choose "Next".
7. Click on the external usb hard drive than click on initialize disk
8. Click on "free space" then "new volume".
9. Name the drive .
10. Make sure format is Mac OS Extended (HFS+).
11. Press ok .

That's it. Your drive is now formatted ready for use with your Xbox 360.

Now you are ready to copy xvid/divx to drive and play your own HD content on the Xbox 360.
Thanks must go to forahobby (hobbs) for walking me through the process.

Hope this helps out all you guys wanting to watch your movies, music
videos etc on your xbox 360 with the new divx and xvid codecs now

For now you will need to buy macdrive because once the trial runs out
you can't access your files on the drive. Just remember if your USB HDD
is FAT32 it should work just fine this tutorial is only to break the
4GB filesize limit.

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