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Post by Antari on Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:27 pm

Below your avatar you will find a rank. Your rank will change depending on what you do. The ranks themselves do nothing - they're just there for fun.

Certain ranks are only obtainable by getting a certain ammount of posts. Other's are given once somebody does something special.

Ranks obtained by posting:

Forum Ranks Newcomer2 - Obtained upon joing the forums.
Forum Ranks Forumregular2 - Obtained after posting 50 times.
Forum Ranks Forumhero2 - Obtained after posting 100 times.
Forum Ranks Forumlegend2 - Obtained after posing 500 times.
Forum Ranks Forumgod2 - Obtained after posting 1,000 times.

Ranks with benifits:

Forum Ranks Admin4 - Only Admins have this rank. I, Antari, am the Admin.
Forum Ranks Mod3 - Only moderators have this rank. To become a moderator you have to gain my trust.

Ranks you do not want to get:

Forum Ranks Thinice1 - You are on the verge of being banned. Watch out.
Forum Ranks Bannedhs - You have been banned.


Forum Ranks Secondchance - Very rarely is this one given out. You become unbanned and can chat again, but you are on very thin ice.

Forum Ranks Sa2t
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