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Post by Antari on Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:35 pm

Anyone know this band? Freakin' amazing if you ask me.

I first started listening to them when I found "Pretender" randomly on my LimeWire. After that, I couldn't stop listening to it.
I told my friend, Sebastian about it and he checked it out. He loved it too, and suggested I listen to another one of their songs - "Learn To Fly".
"Learn To Fly" was even better than "Pretender". After that, I immediatelty downloaded several other Foo Fighter songs - "My Hero", "The Best Of You", "Cheer Up Boys, Your Make-Up Is Running", "Let It Die" and "Wheels".
I love every single one of them Very Happy

So here are my favoraites (In order) for you all to listen to Very Happy Tell me what you think Smile


Learn To Fly

Let It Die

Cheer Up Boys, Your Make-Up Is Running

The Best Of You

The Pretender

My Hero

Kung-Fu Fighting

They're like the new Streetlight Manifesto for me!

In a month, I'll be sick of them Sad

Foo Fighters Sa2t
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Foo Fighters Empty Re: Foo Fighters

Post by halogroupie1996 on Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:51 am

ive listened to soo fighters for a long time. listen to "But, Honestly", and "long road to ruin". adn listen to some other bands so you dont spoil the foo fighters they are classic! Also an ex member of foo fighters (and nirvana) dave grohl started a new band, called them crooked vultures. i think you will like it look em up.
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