The Adventures Of Ray And Jack Pt.1.

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The Adventures Of Ray And Jack Pt.1.

(P.S. This is a purely fictional blog, following the stories of two fictional people: Ray And Jack. My life is way to boring so I'll make one up, although some events are based off of my life. POV is Ray's POV. Yes this is original, no you cannot "borrow" it, unless you have my permission. XD)

There are a few things you have to understand. One: Jack, isn't my real little brother, he's my little step brother, and two: I live in Ireland, so you could possibly find me unless you lived in Worcestershireville, Ireland. No I don't really live there, nor is it a real place. See I tricked you didn't I? Jack and I share a room. It sucks, but it will only have to be that way for about half a year, then Jack's older sister will move out so she can go to university in England. Jack's father died five years ago, and my father won custody over me, so Jack's widowed mother and my father got married and now we live the way we are now. I'm currently in grade 11, Jack on the other hand is in grade 7, so obviously there is a huge maturity gap.

Now where was I? Right, Jack and I share a room. Last night Jack had a nightmare, and kept screaming all night long, in his sleep. This morning, I was in no condition to write a physics test, I got literally no sleep. Seeing as I am a 16 year old teenager who needs sleep more than food to function (How could anything be more important that food?), I decided to fake the fact I got sleep with 4 Redbull Energy Drinks, thank god for American inventions! While in physics, which coincidentally was first block, I was so jittery I couldn't hold the pencil straight. It seemed like a good idea at first, but then when you can't think about physics because your paranoid that the zombies are near, you know you've had too much. So I began circling the multiple choice questions with an uncontrollably jittery hand, while I second glanced out the window prepared to see grey-faced, mindless ghouls banning at the window.

I finally finished the test, and was beginning to get less jittery and paranoid. The next class was gym. Truth be told, I'm horrid at gym. I'm not fat or anything, I just suck at sports. We were in the middle of the basketball unit, and the teacher had told us to get in groups of four and play a good old game of "Bump". Naturally I teamed up with my closest friends, Brandon, Tyler, and Connor. By that moment I had reached the all time low of my Redbull crash. Eventually, I was too tired to lift the ball and pass it, and wound up throwing it a distance of 1 foot. This failure of a throw didn't even get close to the net by any stretch of the imagination.

I was just too tired to continue gym, let alone the rest of the day. I left school and slept the rest of the day. When Jack came home I whacked him in the back of the head with my physics textbook, and blamed it all on him. That's was basically my day up to now, I guess. I know my life is relatively boring, but it's more exciting than the life of the person who created me out of their own twisted imagination. You know who you are. Yes, you at the keyboard, get off that chair and do something. You lazy woman! It's probably not the best idea to mess with the person who decides your fate, but seriously, she's just too boring!Sleep

(A/N - Tell me what you think.)

Well behaved women never get into history.


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The Adventures Of Ray And Jack Pt.1. :: Comments


Post on Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:39 pm by Antari

I liked it!

Zombie paranoia? I get that. A lot. But I am SO ready for Z-Day Very Happy

The thought of writing for a made-up person never occured to me when I made the blog section. Great idea!

I guess I'll start making my daily blog soon.... Maybe I'll also do a made-up character blog Razz

Keep up the good work!

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