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Breaking ISH

Hello everyone! This is going to be my new daily blog. I named it "Breaking ISH" because I like the video blog "Breaking NYC" and since I don't live in New York City, I decided to name it after my school - the ISH.

ANYWAY, I'm going to quickly say what happened during my week and then explain everything I did today. Are you ready?

Sunday - January 31st 2010

Today marked the 1 year anniversary of when I first joined the Banjo-Kazooie forums. I made a little post about it and decided to use this event to advertise CrystalClear. This was technically the first day CrystalClear went public. Aside from internet buisness, not much happened. I woke up late and stayed on the computer practically all day.

Monday - Febuary 1st 2010

Today I got up around 08:30 and took the bus to school for a kidney disection. I was paired up with my friend Stefan, and we decided that I would cut it open while he holded it. It was pretty hard to cut, so I stabbed it a lot. It stank of piss. Stefan made a bunch of jokes (Mainally about him changing kidneys every day, and that his kidneys were filled with Cool Aid) and that was about it for biology.

We then had PE. It was our first lesson of Judo and it was really, really gay. We had to pair up (I was with John) and we had to carry eachother to the other side of the gym every time the teacher blew the whistle. We couldn't use the same method twice, so we had to do a bund of different things - like "Fireman" and "Bride".
After that exercise, we played "King of the Hill", where we could all be on one mat and have to push eachother off. When all the guys were fighting, it was really, really rough (I was 3rd last to fall off the mat).
Then it was the girls' turn to fight. Being a bunch of guy, we had high expectations for this fight. They basically just sat there on the mat and pushed eachother a bit. It was really disappointing.

After Lunch we had Maths. It was really boring, so I basically just sat next to Parik discussing anime. I was using my phone as a calculator and the teacher saw, which made the whole class (Teacher included) start talking about their phones (The teacher had the same phone I had two years ago).

After school I went home and went on CrystalClear. That's about it.

Tuesday - Febuary 2nd 2010

Today I hitched a ride to school in the car with my mum, who was taking my brother and sister to school. I had Maths first thing, and it was the usual boring lesson about graphs.

Then I had Art, where I continued work on my cardboard soup-can which I would be using for an architecture project.

Next was Drama, where we went to the theather section of the school to do our plays. At the start of the term we were given the lyrics to "The Day Before You Came" by ABBA and were told to turn into a play. Our group took the title too seriously, and made a play about two people meeting in a cafe and going home to bang. There are 5 people in our group. 4 people played sluts (Past and future versions) and I played a doctor, which makes me feel rather successful Razz

After Drama came Mentor Hour, which is where our teacher has no subject to teach so basically just talks about whatever she wants. I didn't prepare a speech about "Musical Intelligence" (We did a test to see how intelligent we were in different fields. I scored a 1 out of 10 for Musical Intelligence and the teacher decided to give me the topic 'cause she's an idiot). The teacher freaked out when I told her I didn't have a speech and said "You seriously thought this wasn't important?". I felt like replying "This isn't important, you just want us to do speeches so you can grade papers without everyone talking at the same time". I didn't say that, so I just said "Sorry". She shouted a bit more and then went to grade papers while other people did their speeches.

Then I had Art again. We always had a lesson of Art in the morning, but the double lesson of Art in the afternoon only happened every two weeks. In Art I was moved to another table because the teacher didn't trust me being near my friends like John and Parik. She moved me next to Dodo, Chloe and Munya. We spent the entire double lesson making jokes about Chloe, because we kept saying "milk" and "jugs" and she kept laughing (We were calling her dirty-minded because we were talking about cow milk and jugs of water).
Dodo then went on the computer behind our table to research for his project. For fun, he decided to Google-Image Search "jugs". He looks at a picture of a jug full of water and said "What lovely jugs!". Little did he know that the teacher was right behind him. And that next to the picture of the jug was a picture of a naked girl.

After school I did usual forum stuff.

Wednesday - Febuary 3rd 2010

I was ill today with a bad throat. I spent the day sleeping and going on CrystalClear.

Thursday - Febuary 4th 2010

I was also ill today. I slept, watched new episodes of Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show and then I went on CrystalClear.

Friday - Febuary 5th 2010

I was ill this morning but decided I was well enough to go to the second half of school.

I got to Design Technology and worked on my Fame Project (Creating something people will remember you for). I'm working with my friend Johan on this, and we'll be making a Zombie Survival Guide Video. We'll be making the zombies be off-screen every time we kill them so we can use styrofoam painted red as the zombies (When we hit them, we get showered with small red particles). We'll also be wearing a bunch of silly hats in every different scene, just for fun. I'll link you to the video when we finish.

Then I had Chemistry, where we learn't about Molar Mass. It was really boring, so Johan and I made a list of people in our class in order of who we'd kill first. We then spoke to a bunch of people and placed the lower or higher on the list.

Before I went home I went to my locker and filled my bag with every textbook I had in preperation of test week (Which starts Monday). My bag was really freakin' heavy.

When I got home, I got an EMail from my English teacher. She had given out a poem in the lesson I missed this morning which we would be analysing for Test Week.

I worked a bit on my English Poem, mainly defining words and finding hidden meanings of phrases and then I went on CrystalClear. This was when I learn't Alex, from Epique, found out about Crystal Clear. Since I knew I had something to lose this time (CrystalClear) and that I had Test Week coming up, I decided that fighting would be a bad idea. I apologized to Alex about past events and we went on to have a mutual understanding.

Saturday - Febuary 6th 2010

Today I got up late, really late, at 17:30 and lay in bed for a bit. When I finally got up, I got dressed and went straight to dinner - which was chinese food.

After dinner I switched on my computer to do my daily routine: Explosm Comic, SMBC Comic, Banjo-Kazooie Forums, FML, FaceBook, CrystalClear and YouTube.

Today I learn't that Epique finally ended. 2 days ago, I would have been really happy, but because of my new mutual understanding with Alex, I felt kinda sad.

When I got around to going on YouTube, I found that I couldn't watch videos anymore. Not just videos - Flash videos too. I tried downloading the newest Adobe Reader, but the download button just refreshed the page (With no download pop-up). After getting my dad to look at it, we concluded that I should just use FireFox (Instead of Internet Explorer) for the next 3 months until my birthday, when I'm getting a new laptop. I CCleaned my computer just before asking for help, so he didn't find any of my porn Razz (Only a bit Razz)

I then went downstairs to watch "Black River" with my family. My dad recordered it off the TV and missed the begining, but it was still a pretty good movie (Kinda like a mix betweek 2001: A Space Oddyssey and Higurashi).

I then went beck to my computer, on FireFox, and started writing my blog. And that's where I am now.

*Phew* Done!

I'll start doing a daily blog now, so instead of 7 sections there'll only be one. Just as well - took me AGES to write all of that!

Anyway, that's a week in my life for you.


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Post on Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:09 pm by knife in a box

Fake and gay...

Kidding, love RWJ :3

Anyways ja... nice blog

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Post on Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:17 pm by Antari


I hope you get Squaids!

Actually, that was a little harsh.

I hope you get SquHIV!


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Post on Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:18 pm by knife in a box

Squaids... I heard that's some serious -Wert-!

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Post on Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:32 pm by Antari

Dude, guess what!

You know ray William Johnson? He's doing my mom.

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Post on Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:37 pm by knife in a box

Really? He's Doin' My Mom D:

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