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Post by Superevil225 on Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:54 pm

I doubt anyone here has read Havemercy by two authors whos names I can't spell.... I think Jaidia Jones, and the other one I'm not even going to try, mainly because I can't remember it. So anyway, if anyone here has read it, post below, and if you haven't here's the story:

So the book follows the stories of four people and two stories, eventually they all cross over. The book is set during this big war between two countries, blah blah blah. The main characters are Rook, Thom, Hal, and Roy. Rook is a rebelious piolot of a steam punk dragon, called Havemercy. Rook is a part of the dragon Corps, which is made up of other rebelous piolots of steampunk dragons fueled by magic. Thom is a boy learning psycology in university who is sent to fix all the problems in the Dragon Corps, most of them caused by Rook. Rook and Thom hate eachother. Then Hal is a boy living in the country side, living with this family becuse nobody really knows what hapened to his. Then Roy, a magitian, was sent into the country side because he commited a really big scandal. Hal and Roy's relationship progesses. When people are sent to war it becomes all dramatic, est. It's really good. It might not be your cup of tea though.

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