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Post by Sajextryus on Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:12 pm

Just so you know, I copied this from my blog at RWC. This was typed yesterday (Sunday).

So, I just had the most awesome weekend EVER! My parents were gone since Friday afternoon and were gone until earlier today. They said we have to be responsible and not invite anyone over at all. I thought "REALLY?!?!? THEY'RE REALLY TRUSTING US NOT TO INVITE PEOPLE OVER?!?!?! Well, so much for following their words!" On Friday, we had 7 friends sleep over (6 were my sister's friends). We started the day after school relaxing at home. Later, my sister got a pack of cigarets from my much older sister's friend. :What: Me and one of her friends couldn't smoke any because of athsma, but I'm glad I didn't get addicted or anything. Later, we drove my dad's old BMW (shown in the picture below).
Home Alone... with stuff... yeah... 800px-BMW_Series_5_Old_Model_red_vrIt turned out my friend was a really good driver. We saw someone outside that we thought was calling the cops on us, so we drove the car immediately to the driveway, ran inside, and washed up all the tobacco. They were all paranoid like hell! Later, I saw "Moon" (poster shown below) around 3 AM, but my sister's friends played really loud music during the movie and I couldn't hear what they were saying in it for about half the time. Sad Home Alone... with stuff... yeah... Moon-movie-poster
The next day was also fun. We invited 2 of our friends (who are pretty awesome and hangs out with both me and my sister) and my brother (the animator) came over with his kids and he finally gave me my Bar Mitzvah gift: a copy of Mirror's Edge for the PS3 straight from EA themselves. It even had a sticker with the EA logo and said "Strictly Prohibited for Resale". I'll post a picture if I still have it. He told me he asked a friend of his for a copy since he know's I like the game so much. They said that when they made the game, they wanted to do so much more than what came out. Anyways, we were playing this for hours and hours! My much older sister said that my friends had to leave, but we really didn't want that, so we set them up in the garage. I set up my TV, PS3, speakers, and even my laptop in there. I also set up something on the Macs in the house (using iChat's Bonjour feature) to let us use them as security camera's to know if my sister (the much older one) was coming to the garage. It worked out, and they never found out they were there all night. Very Happy We played some Mirror's Edge at first, and then we were going to watch The Fourth Kind, but we couldn't manage to find it on Netflix or PSN, so they said they'll watch Eraserhead (the movie David Lynch made in response to when his wife said "We're gonna be parents! Very Happy"). They were probably going all "WTF" every second of it. Anyways, I woke up later and went to my room to sleep in there because there are usually rats in the garage and I wanted to avoid getting bitten or something. When I woke up, I was greeted by my sister (the younger one) who yelled at me to clean up all the dishes in the sink, and DAMN there were a lot of dishes. Later, I came into the garage after they left to see the PS3 left on with the TV, a speaker with a busted cover (which I fortunately managed to bend and fix), and the PS3 controller gone! I still had another, but I still can't find it! So I was rushing to clean up as much as I could. Anyways, my brother and my nephews came over again today. We played Mirror's Edge on hard. We still have 3 and a half more levels to get through on hard. Oh, and on Saturday, I finally got my book on XNA I ordered a month ago, and a video thing I bought on eBay for my Macbook Pro to connect to the TV using HDMI. I also bought a cheap USB TV tuner for Windows Media Center. I can watch TV on my Xbox soon (even thought it's not satellite, cable, or digital(?))!

So, did any of you have an awesome weekend like this?
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Post by Mr Pie 5 on Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:16 pm

Home Alone... with stuff... yeah... Drunken_smilie Home Alone... with stuff... yeah... Affraid Home Alone... with stuff... yeah... Icon_cheers Home Alone... with stuff... yeah... Icon_biggrin Home Alone... with stuff... yeah... Icon_king <------ does this sum it up pretty well?
btw I think that ones new

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