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  • 20100314
    well im 16 and to be honest it sucked today

    well first, the only gifts I got were, 5 packets of noodles.... (yes there my fave food, but cmon!! at most there 25p each :'( and £40.... it sucked.

    next, the only 4 people who even got me a card were my parents, my aunt (she got me the noodles) my sister, and my granparents, father side only.

    also it felt like such a normal sunday.... sure I got to eat all 5 packets of noodles in one day... but thats beside the point.

    and over all it just feels wrong, knowing my brother who I thought I could trust the...

    by xdenslatx - Comments: 20 - Views: 804
  • 20100320
    Well, I was the only one on last night, when I saw all the spam posts left out. We should have probably gone with another plan (PM me, can't tell you publicly), but the thing is, I was checking CC for about 4 hours (until I went to sleep), but no mod came on to erase any of the posts until hours after I went to sleep. Should this be something we should worry about?

    by Sajextryus - Comments: 4 - Views: 294
  • 20100305
    Ok, not for as long as you'd think, but for a noticeably long time. I'm heading off to Japan on a school trip so I probably will not post for over two weeks. then after those two weeks I have to babysit on of my friends for a week because his family's in mexico, so I wont be as active. So bacially in 3 weeks and a few days I will be back on the forum. Don't worry I wont leave you forever.

    by Superevil225 - Comments: 12 - Views: 326
  • 20100224
    We users are not like the kind you face,
    Now you have a choice,
    1.Get a life and go back to Epique and mess it up
    2.continue to fight and lose.
    3.You have already failed.

    by xdenslatx - Comments: 68 - Views: 1161
  • 20100306
    I went to check my emails and saw we had another user that needed to be accepted - SlinkySucker.

    Since Slinkies are mentioned a LOT by Lemon, I knew it was him and I didn't let him join.

    Even if I did let him in, not realising it was him, all it would take is one mod to ban him and get rid of his posts. Then he wouldn't be able to get back on CC without me accepting him again!

    The system works!

    by Antari - Comments: 7 - Views: 302
  • 20100303
    We reached a milestone, guys!

    by Antari - Comments: 11 - Views: 325
  • 20100224
    Announcements Death_by_SilverAntari

    Good morning everyone.

    So I switched on my LapTop this morning and I saw we had a few... Visitors.

    I've deleted every post made by the two and I've banned them.

    While deleting, I came across a few posts made by regular members.

    Let me make this very, very clear - You do NOT feed trolls. You do not reply to them, you do not talk back to them, you do...

    by Antari - Comments: 22 - Views: 458
  • 20100224
    I've made it so that the only people who can post are people in a new group - "Members".

    Everyone has been added except for the Spammers.

    I have a system for new members to join, but I'll explain that later.

    For the time being - No spammers can post unless I allow them to Smile
    Announcements Death_by_SilverAntari

    Lemon - You Lose.

    by Antari - Comments: 4 - Views: 271
  • 20100224
    C-C was recently spammed, but it was more-or-less taken care of. I would like to point out that the attacker was claiming to have and/or desire administrator access. If you see anyone making such claims, please ignore them.

    Additionally, I would like to thank the spammer(s) for increasing the member count to over 25. Excellent work.

    by Wert Ac - Comments: 0 - Views: 274
  • 20100211
    I've created a PhotoBucket account for everyone on CrystalClear to use.

    The user name is:

    The password is:

    Password and Username written exactly how I wrote them just now.

    Before you ask, Crystal-Clear and all it's veriations were already taken.

    You can use the photobucket account whenever you want, provided you follow all the forum rules that can apply to it (No porn!).

    Under no circumstance should you...

    by Antari - Comments: 6 - Views: 308
  • 20100215
    So my mom's been dating this guy for, like, a while, and then yesterday he proposed to her and she said yes! So I'm excited, but the best part is I get to be a bride's maid! How cool is that?! <3 Happy Valentines day, eh?

    by Superevil225 - Comments: 8 - Views: 346
  • 20100213
    I love you Happy Valentine's Day I love you

    Have a happy Febuary 14th everyone! Good luck finding your true love I love you

    by Antari - Comments: 4 - Views: 300
  • 20100131
    CrystalClear is now open to the public! Most forum functions should be working by now, so feel free to post and experiment with different functions!

    by Antari - Comments: 0 - Views: 244

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