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Today I was ill from school, due to my throat hurting a lot and my voice being very low.

Yesterday I suggested the idea for having blogs on the forum, as I saw an option on the Admin Panel. I suggested it and some members said they would be interested in trying it out. After reading the fine print on the Admin Panel, I concluded that allowing blogs would change the entire format of CrystalClear. Since i didn't want this, I proposed I make another forum to run along side this one, in Blog form.

I spent today creating a new email address (A Gmail one) and a whole new forum. I created it to look like and have everything Crystalclear has. The only differences were the background, which was purple, and the title, which was "CrystalBlog" (In silver text).
I then went to CrystalBlog's admin panel, to filp the switch that would transform CrystalBlog into a blog. Upon doing this, I realised that allowing blogs was merely allowing sections to be in blog form. I decided that, since I wouldn't have to change the whole forum, I'd just make a blog section in CrystalClear and leave CrstalBlogs to gather dust.

So here it is - the Blog Section!

Technically it's a sub-section, but it should be all we need Smile

So here's how this works; you write a blog and people comment on it. The blog can be daily, weekly or even monthly depending on how much you do. You may think you have a pretty average life, but if you think back you'll find that you did have some pretty interesting discussions or plans lately. If you really can't think of anything interesting you did, then maybe a change of life style would be better Razz

I suggest you give your blog a name. When it comes to writing your blog, make the title of the blog-page "[Date*] [Blog Name]".

*The date is given to you - you don't need to write it in.

So yeah, get writing blogs! I'll probably do a weekly blog (Which I'll post Saturday). And then maybe a Daily Blog if I do a lot....


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